Why I’m Running

I am a husband, and patriot, who believes our rights and liberties are given to us by God. Therefore, I believe that a long-term and transparent fiscal policy is not only good sense, but a moral imperative. 

I’m running because today’s Woodbury County Board of Supervisors is stuck. They need a breakthrough of transparency and fresh ideas. As a conservative, I’ve fought for our tried-and-true Constitutional values. As a professional, I know integrity is critical to our economic development. And as Supervisor, I’ll be the citizen’s advocate for their concerns on the Board.

Appropriating your property tax dollars and striving for cohesive goals with Sioux City and the 14 other towns in Woodbury County is a great responsibility. Wherever and whenever possible, I will work to decentralize government, to rebuild trust, and to promote economic and business freedom.

As an independent-minded Republican nominee for Supervisor, I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo and to finally give the taxpayer a break. I would be honored to listen to your concerns, voice your concerns, and then represent your concerns with solid votes on the County Board.

Please check back for updates; the blog below contains our press releases and other news stories.

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Ung: Courthouse Security Fiasco Becomes a Debacle

Today the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors voted to finalize the notoriously unpopular courthouse security plan after stripping the Sheriff of his power to provide courthouse security, even as the union representing sheriff’s deputies prepares to file its grievance based on breach of contract. And in typical fashion, they forced the full policy through–which begins Friday–with no comments from Supervisors. Read More »

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Ung calls out and names anonymous attacks, says voters want discussion of “real issues”

The Sioux City Journal has published an article titled “Woodbury County Board candidate defends Facebook comments”, and the County Supervisor candidate Matthew Ung is speaking out against what has been his main theme throughout the campaign: a lack of transparency from the opposition.

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Ung: Board Appointee for Courthouse Security Widens Division

After Republican Dave Drew was elected County Sheriff in the 2012 election, he was stripped this year of his role in supervising courthouse security officers, by the 4-1 Democratic majority on the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors. Today, the Democratic Board has unanimously appointed one of the 2012 Democratic Sheriff’s candidates to supervise courthouse security–Marty Pottebaum. Read More »

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Ung Wins Primary Election

Matthew Ung has won the Republican primary election by unseating an incumbent, earning 75% of the vote (~3,845 votes)–a record margin of victory for at least the last ten years in Woodbury County’s electoral history. His poll voters in Woodbury County on June 3rd braved thunderstorms, a Flash Flood Warning, and a Tornado Watch to cast their votes. Read More »

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Ung: Latest Fiasco with County Board Exposes Need for Transparency

Matthew Ung, conservative Republican candidate for Woodbury County Board of Supervisors, has called out the Board for a lack of transparency, and he’s not alone.

During the regular Tuesday board meeting, the Sioux City Journal recorded by video and reported  that democratic Auditor and Recorder Pat Gill “took the unusual step Tuesday of publicly chiding board members for pitching a revised plan to secure the courthouse.” After a democratic Board member forced a vote delay by pushing a new plan that law enforcement needs be outsourced to a non-local law enforcement group under authority of the Board rather than the Sheriff, Auditor Gill called the process “dysfunctional.” He further stated “This is not transparent,” and after being rebuffed by the democratic Board Chairman, Gill rose to shame the Board for this “secret plan” not on the agenda. And of this new plan (to staff out-of-county security officers under Human Resources rather than local law enforcement), he remarked “this makes no sense”… as the County Sheriff took the microphone to address the Board. Read More »

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Ung Announces Candidacy

Matthew Ung, Woodbury County Republican Co-Chair and healthcare administration professional with the Siouxland Surgery Center, has filed his candidacy for Woodbury County Board of Supervisors in District 4, challenging incumbent David Tripp. Tripp has refused to comment on a December incident where, according to court documents, his wife told officers responding to a domestic disturbance that he fired a revolver off near her during an altercation at home. Read More »

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